Collaboration for Teaching and Learning

Have you ever worked with a group of people on a project? Or asked a friend to help you with an assignment? If so, you were being collaborative, or working with someone else, to reach a goal.

In education, collaborative learning is a technique teachers use to group students together to impact learning in a positive way. Proponents of collaborative learning believe it helps students in many ways, as we’ll see below. They theorize that working together increases learning outcomes. Collaborative learning can occur between just two students or within a larger group, and it can take a variety of forms.

Collaboration among teachers represents another aspect of learning. Teachers with more experience can mentor those who are still novice teachers. In your view; what can NIED do to improve teachers collaboration in Namibia?


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3 thoughts on “Collaboration for Teaching and Learning

  1. I really believe in collaboration and technology can be a great tool to facilitate the process. Maurice

  2. For me collaboration is a key and all educators may think to consider this skill as part of their portfolio.


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