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About Us

The “Prove Us Wrong” Multi-Media Campaign on Gender and Power Relations is a nation-wide project creating platforms for a national dialogue on gender and power relations and democratic governance. As the name indicates, this Multi-Media Campaign is embarked upon with the conviction that to achieve a just Namibia, men and women, boys and girls need to be equally given and exposed to opportunities; need to engage each other as equals; at the same time they engage with state and private institutions where necessary, to influence decisions that affect them, for a peaceful and just Namibia where men and women, boys and girls prosper.

Most staff members of the project are volunteers who are professionals and specialists in a variety of areas such as ICT, media (electronic and print) and sociology.


The goal of this project is to create awareness and advocate for equal participation of both men and women from a gender perspective in order to contribute to the realization of an inclusive and just Namibian society where every citizen enjoys his or her human rights and equal opportunities.